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Reduce, Reuse and Recycle​​

As a co-founder of The ReCONNstruction Center in Newington, CT, a not-for-profit building materials reuse organization.


I attempt to use as many surplus, salvage and recycled materials as is possible which may help my customers save some money and stretch their budgets further.  The future of my children is the motivation behind my environmentalism.​


I believe that we humans can live in harmony if we maintain balance between our emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual energies, and to this end I hold communication and awareness as absolutely necessary.


I am not an island.  Yet, I do work alone most of the time and I am aware that I am just one soul in this world.  I try to use my talents and skills to help others live a simple and decent life.  I have worked with Habitat for Humanity at various times over the past several years to fulfill this value and volunteer at my children’s school on a weekly basis.


Our partnership together may tap into all of my principles and some of yours.  We are not only building you a new environment, we are building our new relationship.  I am excited and glad to move forward in partnership with you.​​​


With sincerity,


John G. Powers




Born and raised in West Hartford, CT, I have been engaged in construction, environmental preservation, personal growth and humanitarian causes of all types for over 26 years. I continuously discover that my life experiences have provided a solid basis for our clients' satisfaction in our home improvement adventures.

John Powers, Founder and Owner

I ventured out to explore the world and work on projects in Pittsburgh, Seattle, Boulder, Massachusetts, Prague (Czech Republic) and Mumbai, India.  Since 2000, I have held a Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License and a Connecticut Home Improvement Contractor Registration.


We care about you and your home. To safeguard your investment, we carry full coverage insurance at all times.

    2  Year        Warranty

*Conditions may apply 

Relationships Built On Trust


1. We’ll tell you what we are going to do and then do what we say.


2. We value communication. Our customers count on us for frequent, honest communication.


3. We recognize trust is built one day and one interaction at a time.


4. We value long term relationships over short term success. We want to earn your repeat business.


5. In everything we do, we focus on our core principles of respect for others and the environment.


6. We aim to partner with you in a team effort to deliver the comforting and fulfilling results you and we expect.


7. We will work to help you make the best possible decisions regarding your situation, while soliciting honest feedback on the quality of our work.


8. Each one of our team members you encounter will demonstrate we care about you – not just by words, but by our actions. We are sensitive to your needs and have your interests in mind.


9. We aim to always do the right thing and will work with you on all details, even the unexpected. We strive to live, walk and work with integrity.


10. You can expect authenticity, honesty and openness in all of our dealings with you. 

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