Were you cold last winter?

Have exorbitant heating bills?


Make Your Home

More Comfortable and Energy Efficient


SAVE more money both in energy costs and installation costs.

Take advantage of our being in your home

on other remodeling projects for added cost savings.


cloverNINE green building is now greener!


cloverNINE green building is a leading home performance contractor in the Greater Hartford area making homes and workspaces more comfortable, energy efficient, and healthy.We provide cost-effective ways to protect your family, your home—perhaps your single most important investment—and your business from rising energy costs. And we do it all while reducing your impact on the environment.


Save energy, live more comfortably and

protect your home, family and business.


Our holistic approach to energy solutions goes beyond the “green” technology of the moment and gives you a complete solution to your home's energy problems. We make energy improvements to your home as if it were our own home.


Our strength is combining our building science expertise

with our construction skills to provide you with a

comprehensive solution that will make your home or

workspace safe, comfortable and energy efficient.


If you need some advice, a single improvement, a

comprehensive set of improvements, renovation or

remodeling, please contact us today at 860-965-1746 or



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