The Making of a Media Room

Create a Media Room Environment in Your Home or Office


A media room is a comfortable family gathering place -- you're watching the game, chatting, playing with the kids. Create a warm and engaging media experience in your home or office.


cloverNINE green building can help you design the space where you and your family need room for watching movies, gaming and more. Find inspiration and design ideas and talk to cloverNINE. Choose the right audio and visual equipment, wiring and furnishings.


Consider room location and size, whether you are retrofitting a room or building a home theater addition. Decide on a layout, create a wish list, and diagram the room with equipment and features


“We can build a media room in your home to accommodate all types of technology, while working within your budget,” says John Powers, president, cloverNINE green building. “Media rooms can be built in family rooms, basements or attic spaces and it can really transform your home.”


John Powers, a 25-year remodeling industry veteran, is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University who majored in drama with emphasis in lighting, sound and production. He knows how to put together a media room his clients will love for years to come.


Build in flexible seating. Because a media room is for more than just watching movies, furniture pieces are arranged into conversation spaces that can be "broken down" when moveable chairs are shifted to face the screen. When designing your media room, walls can be constructed to fit comfy sofas, room recliners and inviting loveseats.


Ample screen size: The viewing screen should be large enough so everyone in the room can back up and view it from a good angle. You should be able to sit back from the television at a distance of two to three times the diagonal measurement of your screen for optimum viewing. That is large enough that you get a sense of, 'Wow — this is a big deal.'


Sound-absorbent aesthetics: Fluffy sofas, drapery, carpeting  and insulation help quiet reflections from the sound system. All controls and media gear can be hidden so the room doesn't look like a tech control center.


Cutting-edge content: The ability to stream movies, music and more from "the clouds" (Internet) has changed the way media rooms are configured. It's not just a TV and DVD player anymore. The quality of the content available today is greater than it's ever been and that content is growing every day. cloverNINE green building can construct cabinetry that hides equipment and meets your needs.


Contact us today to discuss your media room ideas....Together we can make it happen!



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